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March 1, 2010
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MARCH 2010


Tsunami Glassworks: March 3rd - April 18th

Tsunami Glassworks, co-owned by Kriston Gene & Eva Milinkovic, has been known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art glass through their innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. Their newest artistic endeavour entitled "The Green Wall" is by far no exception.

"The Green Wall" is an installation that incorporates the idea of green living by displaying sixteen, 12" x 12" panels made from reclaimed glass. Traditionally a "Green Wall" refers to a living wall, either freestanding or part of a building, which is partially or completely covered with vegetation and in some cases, soil or an inorganic growing medium. The glass for each panel is recycled from windows, glass shards and wine bottles. Tsunami glassworks recognizes the importance of exercising green ways of living by taking this eco-friendly idea along with their knowledge and passion for glass to create a unique and important piece of work.

The "Green Wall" along with other works by Tsunami Glassworks will be on exhibit from March 3rd- April 18th.


It is not often that a piece of artwork speaks to us. There are pieces which we pass by, and then there are those that pass us by, leaving us longing and wishing we had listened to our instincts. Art is supposed to move and excite us, be evocative and provoke a reaction, yet also soothe and stimulate our senses. It performs a necessary service by bringing meaning and beauty into our lives.

Take a moment to look around your home or office: do the pieces speak to you, continue to hold your interest and challenge your sensibilities? Do they keep your stress at bay? They should. What art achieves is two fold: the first is the successful culmination of an artist's complex vision, the second is the emotional, physiological and spiritual effect it has on us, the viewer. Art should speak to us, and when it does, be sure to listen and respond!

...Now go look at your art


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Sophia Muller
Mixed Media

Floyd Elzinga
Steel Sculptor

Shraga Landesman
Seder Plates

Humberto Pinochet


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