Approval Policy
Sacha Barrette - Painting When considering a major purchase of art work, it is very important to see it "in situ", meaning in place, to confirm everything hangs together as a cohesive concept. At Petroff Gallery we encourage you to try works out in your home or office, free of charge. We realize that in a professional gallery atmosphere, everything is designed to be enticing. The effects of  lighting, proportions and colours will fluctuate in different settings, so you need to see the piece on your wall first.

With our Approval Policy, we allow you or your designer to 'sign out' up to 3 pieces for up to 3-5 days, with a security deposit. After you have lived with them for several days, simply call and let us know that you wish to keep them, and we will put through the purchase at that time. If you find that these artworks are not appropriate, simply return them to the Gallery, and the security deposit is voided. Be sure you take advantage of this great service the next time you visit!